Welcome to Volund Gearworks Store


Volund Gearworks was founded in 1926 during the height of the failed Noble Experiment in the US. The company manufactured goods for outdoor sporting while also bootlegging out the back door.

Once the 21st Amendment was ratified, the company and it’s founders set out to lay low and enjoy the fruits of their labor, hidden away safely.

In 2011, a great-great-grandchild of the original founding family decided to revive the company in a slightly more "above board" manner, so they say…


Rational Self Interest.

Current and Future Endeavors

Custom alterations and designs. Contract fulfillment. Belts. Bandoleers. Pouches. Under-bed restraints. Dog collars. Kayak deck rigging. Tarps. Purse alterations for CCW. SARS laden blankets (for export only).